Nov. 18, 2021

Learn How to Combat Fear and Anxiety Through Balancing Your Hormones

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“You go to one doctor and you’re like my period is killing me, having sex is painful, I’m constipated, I’m miserable. And they’re like, well that’s normal. Take some Ibuprofen and we’ll put you on the pill.” That little uplifting quote is from Dr. Aviva Romm. And it’s part of a conversation you’re about to hear between herself and Lisa Bilyeu of the “Women of Impact” podcast. Tune into this episode for tips on addressing the ROOT CAUSE of our hormonal havoc rather than a band aid approach to our symptoms, how we can take back the reins of control  over our unique female biology and what we can do right now to make the highs and lows of our cyclical nature more fulfilling and less stressful in our already chaotic lives.

Link and Show Notes:

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