Nov. 24, 2020

Invisible You Trailer

A podcast for women over 40 living courageously.


Nothing just happens. It starts out small and builds gradually. Like an iceberg, sitting just beneath the surface, outta sight, outta mind. We do our best to avoid with distractions, until one day, we just can’t. Those feelings and emotions we’re so good at burying, they refuse to be ignored.

And that’s where our journey begins. Exploring topics like health, wealth, love and happiness and picking up the missing pieces in each. No longer willing to settle for “just fine” a new purpose to live a more fulfilled and energized life, sparking new thoughts and new ideas for creating a better you.

Hi, I’m Tracy, and this is Invisible You, a podcast for women over 40 living courageously. Living courageously means something different for everyone. To me, it’s the ability to shine a light on what’s not working, confront it and do something about it. This podcast is my way of supporting that, not only for others but myself as well, because as I said, it’s our journey and my intention is for this to be a safe space to learn and grow in the things that matter most.

So, what to expect. We’ll hear from different experts on financial prosperity, career, self care and self development, mental and emotional health, nutrition and fitness and a lot more. Think of it as a knowledge buffet, where you pick and choose from the information provided, use what you need and set aside what you don’t. I do this by scouring other podcasts and conversations and taking a short clip of the best and sharing it along with my own insight and personal experience. We have access to so many great minds in our world today that it can be overwhelming to decide who to listen to or even where to start. This show is meant to do that work for you, bringing it all together in one spot and allowing you the time and energy to focus on the things more important in life.

Please join the conversation and don’t forget to take notes when needed. Invisible You is about enjoying the journey of who you’re becoming on the road to (success) your destination. So celebrate those wins as they come and appreciate the process. Thanks for listening.