December 08, 2020

Be Seen, Be Heard, Live Courageously and Become a Better Version of Yourself Through Facing Your Fears and Changing Your Mindset.

“The drama in your life becomes your comfort zone and when you break out of it, whether it’s physically or mentally, it’s the unknown. And the unknown is scary.” That bit of wisdom comes from 2x Academy Award winner Hilary Swank in her interview with podcast host, Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory. Tune in for more of her success secrets on mindset, getting out of your own way and the importance of surrounding yourself with people you can trust.

November 24, 2020

Invisible You Trailer

A podcast for women over 40 living courageously.

November 24, 2020

Optimize Your Biology with Free Light Therapy Hacks to Improve Sleep and Minimize Seasonal Depression.

“If you do most of the right things most of the time, you’re gonna do far better on sleep, wakefulness, mood, immune system, metabolism, blood sugar regulation, focus...It’s a foundational layer of health”. This was advice given by neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Huberman, when talking with Dhru Purohit in his interview on the “Broken Brain podcast. Listen in to hear some of those things Dr. Huberman is referring to. What they have to do with light and seasonal depression and how to improve the overall quality of your sleep.

November 24, 2020

A Soup to Nuts Conversation of Relationship Advice and Dating Strategies that Work.

“In most situations when it takes months, you have not fallen in love. You’ve learned to tolerate them. You’ve grown attached to them”. That’s a quote from Stephan Speaks and it’s how he answered Lewis Howes during an interview they had on the “The School of Greatness” podcast. Listen for more on how to tell if you’ve healed from a past relationship, if compatibility and chemistry are all that matters and why you might be using sex as a distraction from moving on.

November 24, 2020

How to Eliminate Clutter and Increase Your Cash Without Working More Hours or Getting a Second Job.

“There’s time being wasted here”, that’s a quote from Leslie Tucker, retired lunch lady and now full time online reseller. And it’s part of a conversation you’re about to hear between herself and Chalene Johnson from The Chalene Show. Keep listening for more on how Leslie was able to quit her 9-5, how she got started (selling online) and the tips and tricks she has for you to begin making money right now!