November 18, 2021

Learn How to Combat Fear and Anxiety Through Balancing Your Hormones

“You go to one doctor and you’re like my period is killing me, having sex is painful, I’m constipated, I’m miserable. And they’re like, well that’s normal. Take some Ibuprofen and we’ll put you on the pill.” That little uplif...

September 20, 2021

Connection, Community and Career...We Got You Covered!

“Now it’s ever more important to me, to feel comfortable, to feel relaxed with who I am and to stop judging myself so harshly.” I don’t know about you but that quote definitely resonates with me! And it’s part of a larger con...

July 25, 2021

Mind Your Movement to Change Your Mind

“Movement has always been, for me, the primary way that; a. I protect my mental health and b. that I connect with others.” That quote by author and movement enthusiast, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, PhD. And it’s part of a conversatio...

June 13, 2021

Get Your Motivation Back When That Lovin Feeling Lacks

“The narratives that control us, the stories we tell ourselves, shape our reality. And so often we just take it as assumed that what we’re thinking is true. It's accurate, it’s a reflection of reality. But don’t believe everything you think.” This from Tim Ferris in an interview with Brene Brown and Dax Shepard on the “Unlocking Us with Brene Brown” podcast. Listen in to this all-star team of exceptional human beings give a humorous and intelligent account of their own philosophies on life, the good the bad and the ugly. Who’s automatic go too is shame and blame, and how that plays out...you just might be surprised by who that is. And the one thing that keeps them fully energized and operating as their best possible selves, they each can’t live without.

May 25, 2021

A Hormonal Happily Ever After

“Estrogen is very key to sleep. So women as they are going through this transition often have tremendous problems with sleep unrelated even to night sweats or hot flashes. Which is another thing that happens because in the brain, estrogen regulates not just the appetite systems but also our temperature control regulation system.” This powerful quote is from women’s health expert, Dr. Felice Gersh, in her interview with Dr. Stephanie on the podcast, Better with Dr. Stephanie. Tune in for more insight into the importance of estrogen and the key role it plays in maintaining optimal body function and balance. Learn how to mitigate or prevent the symptoms and side effects we experience as our hormone levels drop naturally with age. And discover safe and effective methods that are available to start treating with today.

May 07, 2021

Find the Right People to Help Get the Answers You Need During a Life Transition

“Sometimes I contradict myself and I’m like, ya know what? Don’t judge yourself. Yes, sometimes I’m a big ball of mush and I wanna be super squishy. And other times I’m gonna flex my muscles and my veins are gonna pop and ya better not challenge me. And yes, I can have the beauty of both.” That little gem is from an interview with Lisa Bilyeu and Jenna Kutcher from the podcast, The Goal Digger. And it’s part of a much larger conversation where Lisa talks about her journey of overcoming her own self judgement, the fear she felt while going after her goals, what she did to challenge lifelong limiting beliefs and create a new self narrative and how she became her own hero, by supporting other women to be theirs.

April 22, 2021

Why You Aren't Getting What You Really Want Out of Life and How You Can

“Your level of clarity will determine your level of success, period. As long as there’s any ounce of vaguery in what you’re doing, you will not succeed.” That little number is from Tom Bilyeu, founder and host of Impact Theory. And it’s part of a triple threat conversation you’re about to hear between himself, Kevion Stirdivant and Rob Dyrdek on the podcast, Short Story Long with Chris Pfaff, otherwise known as Drama. Lean in on this one as these guys teach a masterclass on what it takes to gain the clarity you need to succeed and win, how the lies you tell yourself are stopping you from getting what you want and why choosing your path over just looking for it, is essential for taking action.

April 06, 2021

Discover How Doctors are Reversing the Symptoms of Hair Loss

“We’re thinking about their hormones and how is their hormones balanced and unbalanced. What’s going on with their thyroid? What’s going on with their digestive system? What’s going on with their nutritional status? What’s their iron like?” Ooph, overwhelmed? If that’s a yes, then keep listening as Dr. Elizabeth Boham breaks it all down in her discussion with Dr. Mark Hyman on The Doctor’s Farmacy. Get to the root cause of female hair loss and hair thinning, how to stop and reverse the symptoms, why your diet could be a culprit and what Dr. Hyman refers to as, “the other” pandemic, we’re facing as women today.

March 11, 2021

The Future's What You Make it, so Make it Good

“The goal is that ultimately your future is the thing predicting your daily behavior, not your past.” That little nugget from “Personality isn’t Permanent” author, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, in his conversation with Hal Elrod on The Miracle Morning Show. Tune in to hear more from Dr. Hardy on how to best invest in yourself for success, why hope and purpose are key elements for a meaningful present, what keeps you stuck in the past when planning for the future and how unresolved trauma can freeze your personality, preventing your ability to change.

March 03, 2021

A Sexual Health (R)evolution

“We have to be careful with the claims that we make. We can’t promise a 70 year old she’s gonna have a 19 year old vagina. It’s not gonna happen.” That little fun fact by Dr. Somi Javaid, in her conversation with Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio. And it’s part 5 of a sexual energy series where we learn what’s possible for a woman in midlife going through perimenopause and menopause, why weight gain is not your fault and what to do about it, how to manage your hormones so they don’t manage you and what’s love got to do, got to do with it.

February 17, 2021

Get Out of Your Own Funk by Helping Someone Else Get Out of Theirs

“When you’re self compassionate about your failure, it allows you to learn more from the failure. It’s such a truism that failure is our best friend.” A great perspective from author and guest Kristin Neff PhD, in her conversation with Peter Attia on the “The Drive” podcast. Keep listening to hear what cured Peter’s abusive inner critic, how to reparent yourself with self compassion to become a more securely attached adult and why self kindness, self compassion and connectedness can affect your quality of life for the better.

February 11, 2021

Giving Yourself Care When Life gets Hard and You Feel Stuck

“There are no special people. There are special minds. And the mind becomes developed over a period of time.” That insight comes from David Goggins in his discussion with James Altucher on the “James Altucher Show.” Keep listening for more mind blowing wisdom from these two men on why you don’t want to die with greatness still in you, what reflecting on the past can do to remind you of the badass you truly are and how getting outside your comfort zone every single day makes you a better, more resilient human.

February 02, 2021

Support Yourself by Creating Supportive Relationships

“You have to constantly put yourself in situations that you’re learning and you’re exposed to new things and new ideas and new people. Even if it’s through books. It’s more important to be interested than interesting.” That was Jane Fonda speaking with Christene Barberich in their interview on the “Unstyled” Podcast. Tune in for more on what Jane calls her “hair epiphanies” during life transitions, why we don’t want to waste time on bullsh*t relationships as we age and regrets that come with staying in them, when we know deep down, it's time to move on.

January 26, 2021

Become the Person You Need to Be to Get the Life You Want

“Stop for a moment and think, what do you want? What do you really want? And start writing it down. Be like, to achieve that, what sort of person would I have to be? And design it like it’s your dream character.” Some great advice from 31 year old entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30, Sam Ovens during his interview on “The Sam Ovens Podcast.” Keep listening for more on what it takes to realize your dreams, why suppressing your dark side keeps you stuck and how to create a new identity so you can become anything you want.

January 13, 2021

Feel Good in Your Skin, Find What Brings You Pleasure and Drop Out of Your Head and Back in Your Body

“The more that you’re in your own confidence and you’re in your body and the more you don’t need someone else to fulfill you but that you are fulfilled by yourself, that is what makes you so attractive.” Uh, hell yeah! That’s from guest and sexual empowerment coach A’magine, in her conversation with Christine Hassler on the “Over It And On with It podcast. Listen in to get A’magine’s strategies for incorporating pleasure in to everyday life, her somewhat controversial view on life after becoming single and how to get out of our overly active minds and connected back into our bodies.

January 06, 2021

Embrace Your Age, Ditch Perfection and Express Yourself in Style

“I think I just have this complete 100% acceptance with my imperfections and I often say I use clothes, performatively, to express my identity.” This quote, coming from the Accidental Icon, Lyn Slater in her conversation with Tally Abecassis and Kim France of “Everything is Fine,” a podcast for women over 40. Hear more from Lyn, who, in her early 60’s took on a second life as a world renown fashion icon and social media influencer. How she maneuvers the pitfalls of our youth obsessed, comparison culture. And her ability to stay visible and relevant in an industry that ages out women and trends, transitioning from one minute to the next.

December 30, 2020

Brain Hacks for Setting Goals and Pursuing Your Dreams

“I’m on the right path, effort is the path and you start to tap into these systems. You develop what my colleague at Stanford, Carol Dweck, coined “growth mindset.” Which is not just the belief that you can be better. Growth mindset at its core is about driving dopamine release from the effort and strain process. It’s about enjoying friction.” This from Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman in his interview with Ed Mylett on the “Ed Mylett Show.” Tune in for more on how to use dopamine to achieve your goals, what prevents you from moving forward in life and the best way to reward your small successes.

December 22, 2020

Discover an Alternative Approach for Climbing Out of a Season of Darkness That Can Keep You Stuck.

“By temporarily disrupting the brain, a new order forms, and that order may have incredible value at either the level of mental health and psychology or at the level of creativity.” This and other possibilities for rewiring the brain is presented by Michael Pollen in his discussion with Tim Ferriss on The Tim Ferriss Show. Keep listening for more on how to create new brain connections, alternative methods to treating depression and addiction and changing the perception of how you see yourself in the world.

December 15, 2020

How You See Yourself is about More Than Just Your Reflection in the Mirror.

”They took away my laugh lines. They gave me breasts. They gave me green eyes instead of blue. They turned my hair more golden and they did this ad that was like, what if I told you, you could get a lifted butt and thin thighs and all the things without barely moving a muscle?” This quote, given by Sadie Lincoln during an interview with Rich Roll on the Rich Roll Podcast, is just a small part of a much larger picture they paint about the pitfalls and benefits of the fitness industry. Tune in to learn how to trust your body, have a better relationship with exercise and the importance of reconnecting with your inner knowing.

December 08, 2020

Be Seen, Be Heard, Live Courageously and Become a Better Version of Yourself Through Facing Your Fears and Changing Your Mindset.

“The drama in your life becomes your comfort zone and when you break out of it, whether it’s physically or mentally, it’s the unknown. And the unknown is scary.” That bit of wisdom comes from 2x Academy Award winner Hilary Swank in her interview with podcast host, Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory. Tune in for more of her success secrets on mindset, getting out of your own way and the importance of surrounding yourself with people you can trust.

November 24, 2020

Invisible You Trailer

A podcast for women over 40 living courageously.

November 24, 2020

Optimize Your Biology with Free Light Therapy Hacks to Improve Sleep and Minimize Seasonal Depression.

“If you do most of the right things most of the time, you’re gonna do far better on sleep, wakefulness, mood, immune system, metabolism, blood sugar regulation, focus...It’s a foundational layer of health”. This was advice given by neuroscientist, Dr. Andrew Huberman, when talking with Dhru Purohit in his interview on the “Broken Brain podcast. Listen in to hear some of those things Dr. Huberman is referring to. What they have to do with light and seasonal depression and how to improve the overall quality of your sleep.

November 24, 2020

A Soup to Nuts Conversation of Relationship Advice and Dating Strategies that Work.

“In most situations when it takes months, you have not fallen in love. You’ve learned to tolerate them. You’ve grown attached to them”. That’s a quote from Stephan Speaks and it’s how he answered Lewis Howes during an interview they had on the “The School of Greatness” podcast. Listen for more on how to tell if you’ve healed from a past relationship, if compatibility and chemistry are all that matters and why you might be using sex as a distraction from moving on.

November 24, 2020

How to Eliminate Clutter and Increase Your Cash Without Working More Hours or Getting a Second Job.

“There’s time being wasted here”, that’s a quote from Leslie Tucker, retired lunch lady and now full time online reseller. And it’s part of a conversation you’re about to hear between herself and Chalene Johnson from The Chalene Show. Keep listening for more on how Leslie was able to quit her 9-5, how she got started (selling online) and the tips and tricks she has for you to begin making money right now!