Invisible You

Challenging the limiting beliefs and common misconceptions of what a woman over 40 should be. Get top tips on career, self care, relationships, money, health, fitness and the abundance mindset to live a life on purpose. A safe space to learn about and question the thoughts and ideas that no longer serve self expression. “Invisible You” empowers women with knowledge and information garnered from the best conversations held in the podcasting world today. It’s a little coaching, a lot of humor and some real talk rolled into one.

Recent Episodes

Connection, Community and Career...We Got You Covered!

Sept. 20, 2021

“Now it’s ever more important to me, to feel comfortable, to feel relaxed with who I am and to stop judging myself so harshly.” I don’t know about you but that quote definitely resonates with me! And it’s part of a larger co…

Mind Your Movement to Change Your Mind

July 25, 2021

“Movement has always been, for me, the primary way that; a. I protect my mental health and b. that I connect with others.” That quote by author and movement enthusiast, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, PhD. And it’s part of a conversati…

Get Your Motivation Back When That Lovin Feeling Lacks

June 13, 2021

“The narratives that control us, the stories we tell ourselves, shape our reality. And so often we just take it as assumed that what we’re thinking is true. It's accurate, it’s a reflection of reality. But don’t believe ever…

A Hormonal Happily Ever After

May 25, 2021

“Estrogen is very key to sleep. So women as they are going through this transition often have tremendous problems with sleep unrelated even to night sweats or hot flashes. Which is another thing that happens because in the b…

Find the Right People to Help Get the Answers You Need During a Life Transition

May 7, 2021

“Sometimes I contradict myself and I’m like, ya know what? Don’t judge yourself. Yes, sometimes I’m a big ball of mush and I wanna be super squishy. And other times I’m gonna flex my muscles and my veins are gonna pop and ya…

Why You Aren't Getting What You Really Want Out of Life and How You Can

April 22, 2021

“Your level of clarity will determine your level of success, period. As long as there’s any ounce of vaguery in what you’re doing, you will not succeed.” That little number is from Tom Bilyeu, founder and host of Impact Theo…